From Porquerolles to the île des Embiez

Once you have bypassed the peninsula of Giens, you head for the cape Sicié, this cape is known for its difficulty so you must get through when the weather is nice and sunny. You can make a stopover in l’île des Embiez, the property of Paul Ricard. This island is gifted with nice coves, wild rocky inlet and a well-protected harbour.

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From Sanary to Cassis

This coast is made up of three bays relatively downwind. You have Sanary, nice Provençal harbour, Bandol and La Ciotat. Before arriving in Cassis, you may catch sight of the cape Canaille and its 394 metres peak, the highest maritime cliff in Europe. In a beautiful background of white limestone, you will discover the village of Cassis with its little waterside restaurants and harbour in this amazing area.

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From Cassis to Frioul

You will enter in the enchanting world of the rocking inlets, a protected area. The heaven of climbing, snorkelling and sailing. All the coves and rocking inlets are each more beautiful than the next. Port Miou is the most renowned for amateur yachtsmen because it juts out into the ground and forms a natural shelter for boats. The harbour master’s office will provide you all the information You have buoys at your disposal because the anchorage is completely forbidden.
Then, you will find the rocking inlet of Port Pin, En Vau, L’oule, Devanson, l’Oeil de verre, Sugiton, Morgiou and Sormiou. Over twenty kilometres of coast, the rocking inlet of Cassis gives you a landscape completely remarkable. You may see the Riou archipelago off the rocking inlets coast, you can’t go on these islands to avoid disturbing colony of sea birds.
Inside the harbour of Marseille you can have a look at the Frioul archipelago with the isles of Pomègues, Ratonneau, If and Tiboulen. Despite its proximity with Marseille, the isle of Frioul is an idyllic place with beautiful wild coves, however, don’t look for trees, you won’t find any tree around, but this do not call the beauty of the place into question.

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