La Plage d’Argent (Silver beach)

The most frequented and appreciated beach for its white sand and turquoise blue water. This beach is just as good as tropic beaches. It is well protected from the wind if the anchorage is not too far from the beach.

La baie du Langoustier (Langoustier bay)

Beyond 100m from the beach the anchorage is authorized, well-protected from east wind. It is a beautiful fine sandy beach, you will have the possibility to go to the famous restaurant Le Mas du Langoustier holder of a Michelin star.

La Baie de la Courtade (Courtade bay)

Located on the left at Porquerolles harbour, the beach is really beautiful and allow you to quickly go to the village. Protected from east wind.

La Plage Notre Dame (Notre Dame beach)

As it’s far from the village, it’s the less frequented beach. This beach will thrill you with its turquoise blue and clear water. Protected from east wind.

L’anse de la Galère (la Galère cove)

At the other side of the island this cove is a wild place not as much frequented by the tourist as its name points it out, it is pain to access this cove on foot or by bike. There is not a beautiful beach, but a natural and beautiful place. Protected from west wind.

By West wind or strong North West wind, la Badine – on the peninsula of Giens – is an excellent well-protected anchorage.

Around Port Cros

Watch out you have now entered in a national marine park and here you must respect the nature. You can’t throw your anchor wherever you want. Whether it be around Port Cros, the small island of Bagaud, Rascas or the Gabinière, the anchorage is strictly controlled. This place gathers an important number of sea and earth species, you will have access to a submarine path during the summer in the Palud beach. No anchorage possible, you will have just a little pontoon to greet small boats. This place is accessible on foot at 45 minutes from the village. If you like snorkelling you will swim among the fish, observe a huge number of marine species and submerge in a crystal water to the Rascas rock.

Link for the sailing regulations around the national park of Port Cros:

La baie de Port Man (Port Man bay)

This shallow bay is an idyllic place with a luxuriant vegetation in the middle of the cicada song. It is located at the north eastern of the isles of Port Cros. Don’t drop anchor by East wind, however, it is ideal with West wind. Watch out this bay is deep, approximately at a depth of 15 to 20 metres in the middle and closely to the buoys at a depth of six metres.

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